Helpful Hints - Do's & Dont's

Do: If you intend to leave the main convoy or camping area, especially in an unknown area, inform the trip leader where you are going and how long you expect to be. Keep your UHF on the designated channel so that contact can be made.

Do: Help with the cutting and collection of firewood and help to maintain the fire for the use and pleasure of all people on the trip.

Do: Clean up your rubbish before leaving the camping area. If you bring it in, take it out with you. Also, if possible, leave the area cleaner than when you arrived.

Do Not: Play loud music in the camp area unless requested to do so. You may like it, but you can be sure most of the campers will not.

Do Not: Use generators in the main camping area unless necessary. If you do need to use one, be considerate and let fellow campers know and camp away from the main group if possible. If you need it to charge batteries try to do it when the camp is empty.

Do Not: Use or borrow anyone’s property without first asking permission. If you do borrow something, return it as soon as you have finished with it & in the condition it was supplied or better.

Do Not: Throw rubbish, especially plastics onto the campfire. If intending to burn paper/cardboard, make sure everyone has finished cooking. If people are sitting around & enjoying the campfire, as a courtesy, check with them first as paper/cardboard creates a lot of light weight ash which goes everywhere, so be prepared to get a ‘No’ response.