Helpful Hints - Camper Trailer Pre-Trip Checks

Regular maintenance of your camper trailer is essential for an enjoyable trouble free weekend or holiday.

Before each trip, check:

Vehicle and trailer are roadworthy.

All tyres are properly inflated including the spare.

Trailer’s wheel-bearings, suspension and brakes work properly.

All lights work and safety chains are properly connected.


If in doubt or unsure of requirements, check with your local mechanic or the trailer manufacturer.


Oil, water, brake fluid, battery and other service checks on the tow vehicle have been carried out.

At regular intervals during the trip, check:

Couplings, all doors, hatches, covers and any load or equipment are still properly secured.

Tyres are still properly inflated and not rubbing on suspensions or body work.

If travelling to another State, check with the relevant roads authority whether there are different rules for towing, including legal towing weights & limitations for your trailer/vehicle combination.