4WD Code of Ethics

  1. Keep to the laws and regulations for 4WD vehicles (Note: Please check this if travelling interstate as the laws can change from state to state)
  2. Keep to constructed vehicle tracks. Do not drive “off road”
  3. Keep the environmaent clean – take all rubbish with you or dispose of correctly
  4. Obey restrictions on use of public lands. Respect National Parks and other conservation areas
  5. Obtain permission before driving on private land. Leave livestock alone and gates as found
  6. Keep your vehicle mechanically sound
  7. Take adequate water, food, fuel and spares on trips. In remote areas travel with another vehicle if possible
  8. Respect our wildlife. Stop and look but never disturb or chase animals
  9. Respect other people’s right to peace and solitude in the bush
  10. Obey all fire restrictions. Extinguish your fire before leaving. Don’t let your exhaust emit sparks
  11. Help in bush fires, emergencies and search and rescue if you are properly equipped and have the necessary accreditation. You must take authorisation
  12. from the authorised body
  13. Join a 4WD club and support 4WD touring as a responsible and legitimate recreational activity

The 4WDrivers Code of Ethics are guide lines set out and adopted by all 4WD Clubs. They apply in all states of Australia and are considered to be a common law applying to all 4WDrivers. 

Please observe them.